Annalucia Lomunno

I believe in the power of words and the appeal of real love stories that I have collected and told for years for the Confidenze magazine. Stories with happy endings. Stories of great passion. Stories that conceal and reveal dramas, rebirth, victories and emotions. Stories that have taught me a great deal, in which I have unearthed fragments of a journey, unspeakable secrets, normal and extraordinarily surprising realities.
I adore perfumes, literature and music. Invaluable spices, stories that nail you to the page, scores that bewitch, traces left behind. I love those events that pull you in that transform into magnetic thrillers and romantic stories. Continue…

Roselina Salemi

Photo Gianmarco Chieregato

I am a story hunter. I have met terrorists and grieving mothers. I have learned what man is capable of when motivated by love, greed and vendetta. I have crossed paths with crime and the mysteries of the mafia working as a correspondent for the Repubblica newspaper in Sicily. I have been threatened. Eugenio Scalfari once said to me, “If you’re afraid, that’s your problem”. I moved to Milan in 1985 upon the advice of a magistrate friend to who I am still grateful. I have worked for the Corriere della Sera. I directed the weekly magazine Anna and I write. In contrast to those who promise that “This story is an invention”, mine are rarely so. Sulla pelle delle donne” and Ragazzi di Palermo” (Rizzoli) are two investigations. Continue…

Federico Toro

After a degree in Foreign Langauage and Literature from the University of Salerno, I moved to Rome where I lived for many years, working in the theatre. I never gave up on another great passion – writing. I have published tales of daily life, sentiments and desires, exploring the female world. The protagonists of my stories are everyday women desperately looking for real love.  Women who face life without fear and a safety net. Women who love, perhaps even when they should not. Since 2013, I have worked on the “Confidenze” (Mondadori) with real stories and current affair articles. To learn more visit: